About HHH Construction

At HHH Construction, We have a mission to help all our business partners achieve their goals.

HHH construction has been established by local Emirati Engineers to serve UAE construction and develop its services to the region.

As a common challenge for all projects to handle the triple constraints, HHH leaders focus on creating synergy among stakeholders by three enablers (Head, Heart, Hands) to minimize tensions that usually are created by three constraints for carrying out unlimited amount of works by heart, head and hands.

HHH is mostly people-oriented, and by following Project Management Institute standards focuses on delivering the projects as efficient as possible.

Mohammed Al Khaja

"At HHH, we strive to achieve optimum results to exceed customer satisfaction by putting our Heads, Hearts, and Hands into the job."

Abdul Qader Al Marzooqi
General Manager

"We established HHH ,to go on and do all we love."